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November 27th 6.18pm]
[ mood | creative ]

we went to the movies today :) wee.. that was SO fun. hehe.. we went to see THE INCREDIBLES.. oh LORD lol.. it was SO funny because daa-im kept CUSSING and we were like "STOP THERES KIDS IN HERE!!!" and then we saw these CUTE guys and me and brandy were liek "SIT HERE! SIT HERE!" and they sat like 5 rows in front of us!! WE WERE MAD! they were looking at us, and they ALMOST got their dad to sit in front of us.. but NOOOOOO! ahh.. but THEN some older guy sat there.. but he was cute he was probally like 17 and we were like "ok.. you can sit there.. helllo!" haha it was SO funny. and then we were like "LETS THROUGH POPCORN AT THE DUDE IN THE HAT!!" and we ALMOST did and then brandys liek "no..itll be obvious.. im the only one with popcorn and PERFECT aim at him.." i was like "WHO CARES!!" haha.. and daaim through one at him! it was hilarious! and then we just laughed the WHOLE time at how CHEESY it was, omg.. it was SO funny. and it was kinda creepy.. but cute movie. HOT guys in there!! lol!! and daaim bought us candy :) and food! haha.. too fun. man.. i had a great time :)

*MWAH* crystal


November 25th 8.52pm]
[ mood | blank ]

happy thanksgiving. i had a GREAT time.. hehe.. omg.. my aunt's mom is freakin WEIRD. but hillarious! she was talking about "penises" LMAO!! omg.. we were playing sherades and she was like "penis.." .. "FLYING penis" OMG. LOL and i took a pic. of kenneth for libby n xtina. hehe..

well this is what I am thankful for:

  • my WONDERFUL friends
  • Christina- hey hey hey!! lol.. wooh. good times. were good friends, and im glad your here for me non-stop. weve had like 10 minute fights. thats it. haha "dylllan is that you!!?" "BAD COW!" haha
  • Brandy-  omg.. wow.. lol. we have had some awesome times. and i love you so much for bein my friend. wow.. hehe "we know something she dunno.." "im gonna kill you with a plastic fork!" haha and many more good times. your my BEST friend.
  • Libby - wooh.. we are backstreet boys' number one fans' fo life! haha.. so manny good tiems. i consider you one of my best friends.. hehe
  • Kate- wooh.. your a good friends. u'z muh foo fo' life! haha lol.. we've been through a lot. and were great friends STILL! sinse SIXTH grade!! wow. thats a LONG time.. wee..
  • Amber- wooh.. your great. even though your CRAZZZY !! haha joking joking. hehe.. neway. your great.. and HALLARIOUS!! wooooooh.. haha

^ sorry.. im kinda blankin out right now, lol im so TIRED and FULL! haha


November 25th 2.21pm]
[ mood | sad ]

HAPPY TURKEY DAY! hope ya have a good one = ) im kinda in shock, you know last year my great grandma died on dec. 17th, and well this is the first year i wont be able to call her and say "happy thanksgiving, mol mol. cant wait to see you when you come down here!" wel.. yeah. this is kinda messed up. im like about to cry.. well ill be alright. but yeah.. im kinda in shock. but i love ya. xoxo crystal

one more thing.. leave me 2 memories we have had. itll make me smile = )


wee [Wednesday
November 24th 10.51pm]
[ mood | ahh.. so sad ]


RULES: Write a statement intended for 10 different people. NEVER TELL which one is for who.

1. your a great friend, im glad i met you. your like a sister to me.. weve had so many good movie trips. haha.. "bo bateman? thats a PIMP name!!"*MWAH*

2. you are also a great friend. i met you last year and well.. weve been GREAT friends sinse. im glad i met you .. weve had some good stuff happen. then some bad, but we got over it.. and well your muh best friend.. haha so many good times like: "you look like mnm the RAPER!. i mean RAPPER!" "come here, midnight, fluffer nutter.." and calin zac and them.. "now that you talk to him dont you think the boys a LITTLE slow?!" .." josh + morganne = <33 for ever.." "and ever" "HE LUVS HER.. 4EVA and EVA!" haha many more*MWAH*

3.ahh you can be STUPID but your too funny. your stupidness makes me BUST out laughing, your like a bro to me = ) "hey smell this rock..!!" *MWAH*

4. haha.. your too blonde. and its great, lol. and your not even blonde!! wooh.. so many good times.. i love you a lot and your a GREATTT friend and your like a sis to me.. so many good times "jesus.. hes so pimp!" "HORZ" "dylannn is that youuuu?" I KOWWWW "look that boys strippin behind the trash cann.." "WOOH BABAY TAKE IT OFF!" LOL so many more! *MWAH*

5. youre a FUNNY friend. your like my BROTHER! i love you so much. i love you AND your brother. yall are great. i hope we stay friends for EVER! "i smell pancakes.." we found you passed out in my NEIGHBORS yard!! but you CLAIM you were MEDITATION hah!! *MWAH*

6. weve been friends sinse KINDERGARTEN! and i havnt talked to you in a while, but ill call you tomorrow to wish you a happy thanksgiving. i love you SO much, dearest! haha.. luv ya *MWAH*

7. ahhhhh.. love you muchhh.. gotz a crush on youuuu - LOL bet yall dunno who that ones too.. hmmm LOL "we went to iraq?" "when did we start NAMING stars?!" *MWAH*

8. omg.. your freakin hallarious, you call me mean stuff.. but oh well its all a joke. so i getcha. your freakin sarcastic and i loves it. lol.. your a great friend. your like a brother to me ALSO! i love ya.. haha bye, pimp "im goin FIVE miles per hour nowww!" you FLICKED off aaron.. LOL "shut the heck up man.. whats your problem?!?!"*MWAH*

9. ahhhhh your freakin PHYSCO! but i love ya anyway.. too bad ur CRAZY but you no.. w/e your stil my home guhl FO LIFE! - haha "you need some frizease.." - LMAO *MWAH*

10. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh.. im SO sorry about your mom = ( stay strong!! shell be ok!! *MWAH*

11. wow. your GREAT . so many insiders "HE LUVVVVS UUU!" "bad cow.." "IM NOT IT!" "but ur always it.." haha!! JODAAA!! lol freaky junk right thurr! *MWAH*

luv you all.. hehe TRY to guess which ones yours.. haha sorry if i didnt get to include ya.. lol


November 24th 3.21pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

Crashed on the floor when I moved in
This little bungalow with some strange new friends
Stay up too late, and I'm too thin
We promise each other it's til the end
Now we're spinning empty bottles
It's the five of us
With pretty eyed boys girls die to trust
I can't resist the day
No, I can't resist the day

Jenny screams out and it's no pose
'Cause when she dances she goes and goes
Beer through the nose on an inside joke
I'm so excited, I haven't spoken
And she's so pretty, and she's so sure
Maybe I'm more clever than a girl like her
The summer's all in bloom
The summer is ending soon

It's alright and it's nice not to be so alone
But I hold on to your secrets in white houses

Maybe I'm a little bit over my head
I come undone at the things he said
And he's so funny in his BrIgHt red shirt
We were all in love and we all got hurt
I sneak into his car's cracked leather seat
The smell of gasoline in the summer heat
Boy, we're going way too fast
It's all too sweet to last

It's alright
And I put myself in his hands
But I hold on to your secrets in white houses
Love, or something ignites in my veins
And I pray it never fades in white houses

My first time, hard to explain
Rush of blood, oh, and a little bit of * pain *
On a cloudy day, it's more common than you think
He's my first mistake

Maybe you were all faster than me
We gave each other up so easily
These silly little wounds will *never* mend
I feel so far from where I've been
So I go, and I will not be back here again
I'm gone as the day is fading on * white houses *
I lie, put my injuries all in the dust
In my heart is the five of us
In white houses

And you, MaYbE you'll remember me
What I gave is yours to keep
In white houses


November 24th 1.37pm]
 well.. im just sittin here talkin to chrisitina  oh man we were watching makin the video for LALA hah.. that girl is POSER gah leeeeee! its not even FUNNY shes UGLY! well i know im not so GORGEOUS.. but damn. she looked like a DUDE! ahhh.. lol. anyway, i went to sleep last night around like 3.. i watched SNOOP DOGGG wooh..he a TRUE playa!  he makes me and christina look bad.. haha. and we GOOD pimpETTS - lol well. me and christina had a "fight" lol.. tooo funny i may say. we were calling each other WHORES and HOOKERS haha. it was awesome. well now im just sittin here talkint to christina and ashley, wooh!! haha

luv ya

be sure to leave me some sweet sweet comments = )


weeeee [Wednesday
November 24th 12.27am]
[ mood | calm ]

1. What time is it? 11:04 pm

Have you ever:
2. Said "I love you" and not mean it? no

3. Been in love? nope, but i wishhh

4. Been to New York? nope

5. California? nope , lol.. but i WILL move there. well because me and brandy are gonna have our OWN oc.. its gonna be AWESOME

6. Minnesota? nope

7. Hawaii? nope

8. Mexico? nope

9. China? no

10. Canada? nope

11. Danced naked? haha.. NO

12. Dreamed something and then it happens the next day? yep

13. Stalked someone? nope, only been the one BEING stalked * cough - stalker boy and lobby boys - cough *

14. Had a mud bath? nope

15. Had an imaginary friend?nope

This or that...
16. Apples or bananas? banannas

17. Red or blue? im blue im a blue da de da im blue da de do da de da - lol christina

18. Vanilla or chocolate? Chocolate

19. Comedy or horror? both

20. Wal-mart or Target? target

21. Spring or fall? fall

22. Santa or Rudolph? BoTh.. they are so a team.. lol

23. Math or English? english - the best stuff happens in that class.. "HORZ" lol christina

24. Righty or Lefty? Righty.

25. What was the last food you ate? french fry

26. High school or college? heritage/ga southern - haha mi uncle would kill me if i didnt go tehre, lol

27. Are you bored with life? nope.. im loving life

28. How many of your buddies are on? 33

29. Last movie you saw? uhhh? lol

30. Last noise you heard? uhh.. mi fingers on the keyboard, lol

Who that you know:

35. Laughs the weirdest? brandy - our fake laugh for ian's bible study. LOL LOL LOL

31. Will grow up and be a model? ahh.. all my friends are PRETTYYY - theyre so lucky lol

32. Going to have the most kids? uhhh.. lol

33. Have you known the longest? uhhh? lol samantha.

34. Name your best friends online? christina, libby, brandy.. ummm?? lol

35. Of all time? brandy , christina , libby , kate , hannnah

A couple more questions:
36. Last time you went out of state? uhh like last year, FLORIDA babay

37. Where did you go? florida.. lol

38. lucky numbers: 7

39. Things you like in a girl/guy? personality, humor, someone who is not afraid to sing to me..and it always helps if they look good.. just sayin..

40. Best thing about yourself? umm..im really outgoing?i dk yall tell me

41. Do you have crush on someone? yeahhhh lol

42. Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? nope.. wishin though

43. What's his/her name? *him..* lol my friends know WHO, silly gooses = )

44. What do you think about Ouija boards? Ouiji what?

45. What book are you reading now? haha i DONT read

46. What's on your mouse pad? umm its red, lol

47. Favorite sound? uhhhhhh haha my friends LAUGH

48. Worst feeling in the world? seeing him with someone else.. or breaking someones heart

49. How many rings before you answer? two .. until caller id comes up lol

50. Future daughter's name? uhh.. lol i dont really know thiso ne

51. Future son's name? winston. the THIRD - lol yall. thats a freakin PIMPAN name. wooh good times good times = )

52. Do you sleep with a stuffed animal? noperz

53. What is your favorite soft drink? dr.pepper

54. What time is it now? 11:14

omg.. christina was right.. it is genius shoot.. lol


November 23rd 10.25pm]
[ mood | hyper ]


CHRISTINA IS GENIOUS! lol lol lol here ya go:

Craazed Paradise: i couldnt believe
Craazed Paradise: that i was walkin through mi house
Craazed Paradise: and all of a sudden
Craazed Paradise: i look over
Craazed Paradise: and theres some freakin strange girlll
Craazed Paradise: lolllllllllll
christina062590: OMG
christina062590: crystal
christina062590: im freakin genius
Craazed Paradise: LOL
Craazed Paradise: you RETARD
christina062590: we can make a horror flick outta this story
Craazed Paradise: you SPELLED GENIOUS WRONG
christina062590: oops
Craazed Paradise: for real!! lol
christina062590: omg omg
christina062590: we can make millions togetha
Craazed Paradise: omg
Craazed Paradise: i have a CAMERA
Craazed Paradise: we WILL make one!! haha omg..
christina062590: haha were soo doin that
Craazed Paradise: yes! we'll make MILLIONS!! haha
Craazed Paradise: omg. river was on this wk
christina062590: see the story line will b that u walk n the house n then u see the girl, n the u walk bak to ure room n thats wen brandy ure best friend calls n the girl comes back n tries to attack u n then kills u
christina062590: i kno
Craazed Paradise: YESSSSSSSSSSS!
Craazed Paradise: ol!! OMG
christina062590: HAHA im smart
Craazed Paradise: THATS GREATTT
Craazed Paradise: yesssss!! lol

haha.. and that is it. we WILL make MILLIONNNNNS! mwhahahaha you MUST go see it  = )


OMG READDDD lol [Tuesday
November 23rd 9.43pm]
[ mood | giddy ]

so all of sudden im walkin down the hall and i hear someone talkin and i look over and theres some strang girl in my living room that ive never met before. it was so freakin funni..lol omg.. im liek "brandy.. theres some girl in mi living room that ive never met before.." and brandys liek "what the helll!" haha man.. it was too freakin funny. and then like i go in there and i see jason sittin with her and she just stares at me.. and im like "omg.." and brandys like "if you die ill be sad.. but ill laugh probally.." haha!! it was so funni. and then like I see jason. and im like "he prolly dont know her.." haha.. just thought i knew her. oh man. it was so freakin funni. i still dont know who she is. well.. brett just got home and brandys liek "go get introduced to SINDY!" hahahaha

omg.. freakin funni junk right there

well commment on it bc well this is some OC SHIT !! haha.. oh man. lol!


"I LOVE NOT BEIN ADDICTED TO WEEEEEEEEED" - lol brandy. oh mi.. haha


ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh MAJORRRR lol [Tuesday
November 23rd 6.16pm]
[ mood | hyper ]

ahhh.. today was AWESOME! well. i wake up at 11:30 bc brandy called. no big deal. so we talk until about 1 , then she hangs up with me for a few minutes. and then she calls me back. and guess what ?? zac calls and like she calls me back and shes liek "hey.. wanna talk to ZAC?!? ah what the freak do you think mi answer was? "hell yeah!" haha. anyway, so were talking.. and wow.. it was PMIPIN! lol well.. i didnt get to tell him.. but STIL! lol anyway.. inside jokes from that convo:

"u know brandy the STAR" "when did we start namin stars?" - o mi gah..zac

"hey zac..what did you and lee do w/ the rap." "did u just say what did me n lee do in iraq? ive nv been to iraq" "no what did u n lee do w/ the rap?" "what rack?!" - LOL!


ahh more. jsut cant think of 'em.. bc well im freak hypppper

well then i hung up = ( and went to the dent. ahh that SUCKEDDD



me and libby.. omg.. so freakin AWESOMLY funnnny [Monday
November 22nd 11.48pm]
[ mood | hyper ]

oldnavychic418: ill tell him once he  gets done talkin to chris
oldnavychic418: they r talkin bout some game
Craazed Paradise: lol ook!
Craazed Paradise: haha well then haha
oldnavychic418: ya n im just sittin here listenin to them talk
Craazed Paradise: LOL!
Craazed Paradise: funn funn funn stuff right thur, lol
oldnavychic418: i no rite
Craazed Paradise: haha ye-ah.
oldnavychic418: its the most fun ice had all week
oldnavychic418: ive**
Craazed Paradise: oh i was like "ice?" wth.. lol
oldnavychic418: oh ya i just love that ice
Craazed Paradise: oh yea lol
oldnavychic418: im bling blingin w/ all my ice
Craazed Paradise: ice rox mi non available sox
Craazed Paradise: haha!!
oldnavychic418: is that what they call it
oldnavychic418: ice
oldnavychic418: like the black ppl
oldnavychic418: don't they call their bling bling ice
Craazed Paradise: yea!! lol
Craazed Paradise: i hear it on the news all the time
Craazed Paradise: lol
oldnavychic418: on the news y would they talk bout ice on the news
Craazed Paradise: i also learned that from N*SYNC
Craazed Paradise: i dont know.. lol
oldnavychic418: wow n*sync
Craazed Paradise: yes..
Craazed Paradise: "dont matter about the ice around my neck" - 'member that?
Craazed Paradise: haha
oldnavychic418: thats funny i thought only black ppl wore ice
oldnavychic418: oh ya i remember that
oldnavychic418: wow that was along time ago
Craazed Paradise: Lol.. no preppy young boy bandERs wear it too
Craazed Paradise: yeah
Craazed Paradise: ye-ah.. they just gotta have that young fresh ice
oldnavychic418: most boy banders rn't preppy their more like punk rockers
Craazed Paradise: FOOl
Craazed Paradise: not back in the old'n days
Craazed Paradise: Duhhh
oldnavychic418: ture like the backstreet boys i went to one of their concerts
Craazed Paradise: omg PIMP!
oldnavychic418: i no rite
Craazed Paradise: "back street boys are back. UH HUHHHH"
Craazed Paradise: wooh i <3'ed that song
oldnavychic418: that was a song
Craazed Paradise: yessssss
oldnavychic418: oh ya i remeber that
oldnavychic418: i use to love that song
Craazed Paradise: lol, i thought u were a die hard backstreet FAN!, ANY TRUUUE fan would KNOW that song..
Craazed Paradise: yeah.. thats why you forgot it!
Craazed Paradise: i shun you
oldnavychic418: do u disown me now
Craazed Paradise: no, of course not
Craazed Paradise: just deeply ashamed
oldnavychic418: im so sry i should go sit n a corner n read a backstreet boy book n learn everything bout them
Craazed Paradise: yes. you should
Craazed Paradise: go now..
oldnavychic418: ok
Craazed Paradise: lol
Craazed Paradise: tell me what you learned.
oldnavychic418: i will when i get back
oldnavychic418 is away at 11:06:42 PM.
Craazed Paradise: ok

Auto response from oldnavychic418: sittin n a corner reading about the backstreet boys lol

Craazed Paradise: lol!!
oldnavychic418 returned at 11:09:23 PM.
The Backstreet Boys just completed successful dates in China, Japan and Mexico and had a great time doing it. They want to send a great big thank you to all of the fans that came out to support them at their shows. The group is now back in the studio putting the finishing touches on their highly anticipated album. Keep checking back to BackstreetBoys.com to stay up to date on the latest news and happenings.
oldnavychic418: haha i learned something
Craazed Paradise: yay! im proud
Craazed Paradise: haha
oldnavychic418: u should b proud of me
Craazed Paradise: i am *claps*
oldnavychic418: i went to that website just for u
Craazed Paradise: yesss!
Craazed Paradise: lol
Craazed Paradise: Lol
Craazed Paradise: did you tell pat?
oldnavychic418: they r "coming back"
oldnavychic418: bout what the dance date thing
Craazed Paradise: yeah.. lmao
oldnavychic418: no hes still talkin to chris
Craazed Paradise: haha
oldnavychic418: haha we should go to their concert
oldnavychic418: when they come at atl
Craazed Paradise: yes we should
Craazed Paradise: well like make t-shirts
Craazed Paradise: lol
oldnavychic418: get shirts n wear them to school
Craazed Paradise: mhm!
oldnavychic418: haha oh ya
Craazed Paradise: like buy a pair of jeans JUST for the concert
Craazed Paradise: and nv wear them again
Craazed Paradise: and frame them
Craazed Paradise: haha
oldnavychic418: yes we should n we can get them to sign our boob n then never wash them
Craazed Paradise: LOL yes, we SHOULD! no.. we WILL
oldnavychic418: yes we will
Craazed Paradise: alright. its settled. im going to look for their tour dates right now
oldnavychic418: i don't think it has them on the website
oldnavychic418: it talked bout how they were just n china
Craazed Paradise: oh darn. well.. im looking on ticket master.com
Craazed Paradise: lol
oldnavychic418: haha
Craazed Paradise: shoot
Craazed Paradise: "tickets are currently not available online. check back soon." SHOOT do they NOT understand we are backstreet boy's BIGGEST fans?!?!
oldnavychic418: no cuz their gay like that
Craazed Paradise: furizay!
oldnavychic418: gosh don't they no they just ruined all our hopes of meetin them
Craazed Paradise: and all our hopes of them signin our boob!! damn them
Craazed Paradise: haha
oldnavychic418: yes damn them big time
Craazed Paradise: gosh darn it!
Craazed Paradise: why must they ruin young hopeful teenager's lives liek that.. have they no heart?
oldnavychic418: no they have a heart like that guy on the movie tiny tim
oldnavychic418: that old mean guy
oldnavychic418: who they gosht come n haunt
oldnavychic418: i don't no his name
Craazed Paradise: scroog?
oldnavychic418: yes him
Craazed Paradise: oh ok! lol
oldnavychic418: their hearts r like scroogs heart
Craazed Paradise: there, but not.. ya know?
oldnavychic418: not really but omg u gotta listen to this
Craazed Paradise: ok..
oldnavychic418: http://www.mtv.com/bands/az/backstreet_boys/artist.jhtml
Craazed Paradise: lol
oldnavychic418: \they have bsb rung tones
Craazed Paradise: *about to have a heart attack*
oldnavychic418: ring**
oldnavychic418: i no rite
Craazed Paradise: I neeeeeed a cell phone JUST for them!!
oldnavychic418: u have to listen to them they r funny
Craazed Paradise: omg.. haha
Craazed Paradise: ok hold on
oldnavychic418: haha omg i wish my mom would let me get those
oldnavychic418: but she wouldn't
Craazed Paradise: haha hold on
oldnavychic418: mmk
Craazed Paradise: wait, whats wrong with them? lol
oldnavychic418: what do u mean
Craazed Paradise: wait.. did they mess it up?
Craazed Paradise: or is it the song? lol liek the original?
oldnavychic418: i have no clue what ur talkin bout
Craazed Paradise: oh ok hol don
oldnavychic418: mmk
Craazed Paradise: OMG I WANT IT!! lol
oldnavychic418: i want "the call"
Craazed Paradise: me tooo
Craazed Paradise: why wouldnt she let you get it?
oldnavychic418: who knows cuz shes uncool like that
Craazed Paradise: omg..
Craazed Paradise: she HAS to understand that you LOVE them..
oldnavychic418: omg i use to love this song (ill never break ur heart)
oldnavychic418: im gonna ask her
Craazed Paradise: haha! furreal!! lol
Craazed Paradise: omg.. i wanna see who wins the bs vs n*sync
Craazed Paradise: i hope backstreet bois kick theyre little scrawny asses!!!
oldnavychic418: i no rite
Craazed Paradise: lol
Craazed Paradise: so WHO WON? lol omg.. did they ever tell us?!?!?
oldnavychic418: i dk
Craazed Paradise: lol
Craazed Paradise: oh my gosh.. haha
oldnavychic418: i wonder if i still got my bsb cd
Craazed Paradise: omg if you do.. wil you burn it for me?!?! hha
oldnavychic418: ya i will
Craazed Paradise: omg.. yay!! lol
oldnavychic418: omg omg omg
Craazed Paradise: that just made my YEAR
Craazed Paradise: what?
oldnavychic418: go to www.launch.com
Craazed Paradise: okk
oldnavychic418: n u can listen to their music videos
Craazed Paradise: OMGGG
Craazed Paradise: lol, that just made my YEARR'Z
Craazed Paradise: haha
oldnavychic418: i no rite it just made mine to
Craazed Paradise: YES go uss!
oldnavychic418: u have yahoo email right
Craazed Paradise: yes
oldnavychic418: omg im listenin to it right now
Craazed Paradise: ok hold on
oldnavychic418: mmk
Craazed Paradise: omg this is AWESOME lol
oldnavychic418: i no rite i remember this all so well
Craazed Paradise: me too
Craazed Paradise: which song?
oldnavychic418: quit playin games w/ my heart
Craazed Paradise: oh im doin show me the meaning of bein lonely
Craazed Paradise: haha
Craazed Paradise: OMG
oldnavychic418: haha omg i remember when i use to think they were all so hot
Craazed Paradise: larger than life = PIMP song
Craazed Paradise: me too! lol
oldnavychic418: omg i can't believe we r listening to them again
Craazed Paradise: i know but its GREAT lol
oldnavychic418: do u no how long its been since ive listened to them
Craazed Paradise: haha
Craazed Paradise: hwo long/
Craazed Paradise: ?*
oldnavychic418: like since elem. skool
Craazed Paradise: samme !lol
oldnavychic418: this is so koo
Craazed Paradise: i knowwww
Craazed Paradise: well hold on one secc
oldnavychic418: n the funny thing is i remember all the words
oldnavychic418: mmk
Craazed Paradise: me too lol
Craazed Paradise: bbl shower.

omg.. that was AWESOME, libby

mucho luvin


November 22nd 10.44pm]
[ mood | crazy ]


hey hey hey! whats shakin bacon?!?! nothin mucha lucka.. haha anyway, I woke up at 7:58 this morning bc my aunt called twice in a row.. and the phone was RiGhT next to my bad.. = ( so sad actually lol and well.. then i got online.. and pimped mi journal out - the rest of it, lol so fun actually and well.. i talked on aim.. and well.. then i tryed to call brandy.. no answer.. haha and then well.. i pimped mi journal colors out the rest.. haha now im just sittin here listening to music and in a chat with manda talkin about.. - cough - lol.. and well.. nothing happened today.. so this entries borrrrrrrrring.. but please give me beautiful comments - despite the retardedness - WOAH BIGGG WORDS = )

much luvin

oldnavychic418: r u gonna go to the 8th grade dance
Craazed Paradise: yessssssssssssssssss
Craazed Paradise: you?
oldnavychic418: of course
Craazed Paradise: i dont have a date, but ya.. im goni
Craazed Paradise: haha
Craazed Paradise: goin*
Craazed Paradise: when is it? like MAY?
Craazed Paradise: haha
oldnavychic418: haha i probally aint either
oldnavychic418: i dk
Craazed Paradise: oh ok! lol
oldnavychic418: u can b my date
Craazed Paradise: heh! ye-ah! lol
oldnavychic418: haha now we don't have to worry bout gettin dates
Craazed Paradise: yaya!! lol
Craazed Paradise: ahh
Craazed Paradise: stress off me! lol!!
oldnavychic418: i no rite
Craazed Paradise: haha

lol.. YES STRESSS OF USSSSS haha,libby


READ THISSSS lol [Monday
November 22nd 9.22pm]
[ mood | - haha ]


Joneshann: sorry i waz w/ my family lol
Craazed Paradise: okkk
Joneshann: waz up?
Craazed Paradise: whats shakin bacon!!
Craazed Paradise: nothing much you?
Joneshann: nm lol
Craazed Paradise: wooh ur supposed to go nothing mucha lucka lol.. im retarded
Joneshann: yea..... lmao
Craazed Paradise: ok lets try this again
Craazed Paradise: whats shakin bacon?!?!
Joneshann: nothing mucha lucka
Joneshann: lol
Craazed Paradise: LMAO!
Craazed Paradise: thats great
Craazed Paradise: lol
Craazed Paradise: sooo
Craazed Paradise: whats shakin BACON?!?!
Joneshann: nothing mucha lucka
Craazed Paradise: yaya yaya!
Craazed Paradise: lmao
Joneshann: lmao
Craazed Paradise: WOOT
Craazed Paradise: that was FUNNI
Craazed Paradise: haha
Joneshann: lol
Craazed Paradise: u'z mi FOOOOOOOOOOOOO , hannah-izlle fizzle kizzle sizzle lizzle chizzle
Craazed Paradise: ye-ah
Joneshann: u mi fooooooooooooooooooooooo 2
Craazed Paradise: ye-ahhhhhhhh
Craazed Paradise: *does complicated gang sign* YE-AH
Joneshann: lmao!!!!!
Craazed Paradise: Lol
Craazed Paradise: sista'z fo liefffe
Joneshann: yea yea
Craazed Paradise: *punches arm* YE-AHHHHH
Craazed Paradise: foozz
Joneshann: south side sisters
Joneshann: * same and laughfs!
Craazed Paradise: redneck sista'z fo lizife!
Craazed Paradise: lol
Joneshann: lmao!!! yea
Craazed Paradise: LoL
Joneshann: brb
Craazed Paradise: iz k!
Craazed Paradise: lol



wooh.. hannah we ROCK!! haha


my fortune.. heh [Monday
November 22nd 7.00pm]
[ mood | ahh JESSES ON THE RADIO! LOL ]


  my fortune.. haha

You are spontaneous and love kisses and affection from the ones you love. You have a lot of love and friendships in your life. You will have a great year and will experience a major life-changing experience for the good. You will have a friend who completely confides in you and would do anything for you, but you may not realize it.

= ) well then.. yaya! can we get a happppay dance for crystal!?!?! lol.. prettty good "fortune" except the last part, hehe

luv ya

get YOUR fortune at



heh.. quiz thingy again. lol [Monday
November 22nd 1.25pm]
[ mood | hyper ]

You Are Xanadu
You Are Xanadu

What 80s Movie Musical Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

who IS that??? lol!! but Im sweet and inocent and pure.. who knew Lol


November 22nd 12.59pm]
[ mood | blank ]

As pure as a rose...
Yellow. You shine among your friends and are
usually the most outstanding person in the
group. You're one of the nicest person anyone
could ever meet and well, just keep up the good
image! =)

::Which rainbow colour are you?::
brought to you by Quizilla


November 22nd 11.58am]
[ mood | happy ]

"Girls are like apples on a tree. The best ones are at the top of the tree. The boys don't want to reach for the good ones because they are afraid of falling and getting hurt. Instead they just get the rotten apples that are on the ground that aren't as good, but easy. So the apples at the top think there is something wrong with them, when in reality they are amazing. They just have to wait for the right boy to come along, the one who's brave enough to climb all the way to the top of the tree."

awwww yall.. that was too cute = ) it made my day, Lol


weeeee.. i GANGSTAed my journal out - lol david [Monday
November 22nd 12.24am]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

01. Tell me one thing you love about me.
02. Tell me two things you love about yourself
03. Look through the comments... when you see someone you know, tell them three things you love about them.
04. Do this in your journal so I can tell you what I love about you.

heh.. i know yall are majorly lovin my "daily dosage of OC" thing goin on.. huh? lol..


la la la [Sunday
November 21st 3.29pm]
[ mood | amused ]

A is for age: 13
B is for booze: none
C is for career: at the moment gay school

D is for dad's name: mike
E is for essential items to bring to a party: self, camera, hyperness

F is for favorite song at the moment:  over and over or MY BOO
G is for girlfriend: im not gay like that 
H is for hometown: CONYERS

I is for instruments you play:  i used to play the clarinet
J is for jam or jelly you like: grape i guess?
K is for kids: huh? what about them.. im confused

L is for living arrangements: mom, dad and brett.. lol
M is for mom's name: holly
N is for name of your best friend: brandy,christina,libby, kate and a ton more =)
O is for overnight hospital stays: when i was born lol
P is for phobia[s]: moths! - lol christina

Q is for quote you like:  "OH SNAP!"
R is for relationship that lasted the longest: - cough -
S is for sexual position: oh lord.. moving on..
U is for unique trait: my eyes
V is for vegetable you love: hate them all
W is for worst trait: arms

X is for x-rays you've had: teeth
Y is for yummy food you make: um.. tacos! - wooh sexi mexi lol!

Z is for zodiac sign: cancer


what does complacent mean? lol [Sunday
November 21st 3.10pm]
[ mood | complacent ]


YeStErDaY: oh my goshhh . . we never got to call *him* = ( oh my god.. i was so freakkking looking forward to it, too! = ( anyway, its actualy a funny story.. so brandy called me after the bowling alley and was crying. because her mom was like yellin at her the whole time.. which she did NOT deserve. but whatever.. then i cheered her up = ) and then im like "soo now that your cheered up, can we call 'um up, liek you promised.?" and shes liek "ok hold on!" and she looked in her pocket and shes liek "crystal.. daa-im still has it.." and im like "WHUT!" shes like "yeah..i let him see the note and then i left in a hurry bc i didnt wanna get yelled at some more.." and im liek "ok.. thats fine!" and shes like "i know you REALLY wanted to call *him* sorry.." but THEN we get the bright idea to look in the yellow pages to see if his number is listed, and it wasnt lol! and then she had to go talk to siara and then we hung up and then she never called me back.. LOL! man.. actually it was pretty funni. but i feel bad, bc i was askin her this favor and she was upset and so yeah.. i kinda feel bad.. i mean HOW selfish can I be? but she said I wasnt bein selfish.. so i guess its all good = ) but I HOPE we get to talk to him sooooon

soo keep wishin me *LUCK* , girls hehe..

well, so far today.. i have done absolutly nothing, I slept through church time.. meaning i slept in. dang it.. i wanted to go soo bad. anyway, so I just stayed home and talking on AIM, wooooh fun fun fun let me tell ya. so now im just waiting for brandy to call me back .. so im just lounging, lol!

leave me some sweet comments will ya?

luv ya


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