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what does complacent mean? lol


YeStErDaY: oh my goshhh . . we never got to call *him* = ( oh my god.. i was so freakkking looking forward to it, too! = ( anyway, its actualy a funny story.. so brandy called me after the bowling alley and was crying. because her mom was like yellin at her the whole time.. which she did NOT deserve. but whatever.. then i cheered her up = ) and then im like "soo now that your cheered up, can we call 'um up, liek you promised.?" and shes liek "ok hold on!" and she looked in her pocket and shes liek "crystal.. daa-im still has it.." and im like "WHUT!" shes like "yeah..i let him see the note and then i left in a hurry bc i didnt wanna get yelled at some more.." and im liek "ok.. thats fine!" and shes like "i know you REALLY wanted to call *him* sorry.." but THEN we get the bright idea to look in the yellow pages to see if his number is listed, and it wasnt lol! and then she had to go talk to siara and then we hung up and then she never called me back.. LOL! man.. actually it was pretty funni. but i feel bad, bc i was askin her this favor and she was upset and so yeah.. i kinda feel bad.. i mean HOW selfish can I be? but she said I wasnt bein selfish.. so i guess its all good = ) but I HOPE we get to talk to him sooooon

soo keep wishin me *LUCK* , girls hehe..

well, so far today.. i have done absolutly nothing, I slept through church time.. meaning i slept in. dang it.. i wanted to go soo bad. anyway, so I just stayed home and talking on AIM, wooooh fun fun fun let me tell ya. so now im just waiting for brandy to call me back .. so im just lounging, lol!

leave me some sweet comments will ya?

luv ya

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