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hey hey hey! whats shakin bacon?!?! nothin mucha lucka.. haha anyway, I woke up at 7:58 this morning bc my aunt called twice in a row.. and the phone was RiGhT next to my bad.. = ( so sad actually lol and well.. then i got online.. and pimped mi journal out - the rest of it, lol so fun actually and well.. i talked on aim.. and well.. then i tryed to call brandy.. no answer.. haha and then well.. i pimped mi journal colors out the rest.. haha now im just sittin here listening to music and in a chat with manda talkin about.. - cough - lol.. and well.. nothing happened today.. so this entries borrrrrrrrring.. but please give me beautiful comments - despite the retardedness - WOAH BIGGG WORDS = )

much luvin

oldnavychic418: r u gonna go to the 8th grade dance
Craazed Paradise: yessssssssssssssssss
Craazed Paradise: you?
oldnavychic418: of course
Craazed Paradise: i dont have a date, but ya.. im goni
Craazed Paradise: haha
Craazed Paradise: goin*
Craazed Paradise: when is it? like MAY?
Craazed Paradise: haha
oldnavychic418: haha i probally aint either
oldnavychic418: i dk
Craazed Paradise: oh ok! lol
oldnavychic418: u can b my date
Craazed Paradise: heh! ye-ah! lol
oldnavychic418: haha now we don't have to worry bout gettin dates
Craazed Paradise: yaya!! lol
Craazed Paradise: ahh
Craazed Paradise: stress off me! lol!!
oldnavychic418: i no rite
Craazed Paradise: haha

lol.. YES STRESSS OF USSSSS haha,libby

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