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so all of sudden im walkin down the hall and i hear someone talkin and i look over and theres some strang girl in my living room that ive never met before. it was so freakin funni..lol omg.. im liek "brandy.. theres some girl in mi living room that ive never met before.." and brandys liek "what the helll!" haha man.. it was too freakin funny. and then like i go in there and i see jason sittin with her and she just stares at me.. and im like "omg.." and brandys like "if you die ill be sad.. but ill laugh probally.." haha!! it was so funni. and then like I see jason. and im like "he prolly dont know her.." haha.. just thought i knew her. oh man. it was so freakin funni. i still dont know who she is. well.. brett just got home and brandys liek "go get introduced to SINDY!" hahahaha

omg.. freakin funni junk right there

well commment on it bc well this is some OC SHIT !! haha.. oh man. lol!


"I LOVE NOT BEIN ADDICTED TO WEEEEEEEEED" - lol brandy. oh mi.. haha

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