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1. What time is it? 11:04 pm

Have you ever:
2. Said "I love you" and not mean it? no

3. Been in love? nope, but i wishhh

4. Been to New York? nope

5. California? nope , lol.. but i WILL move there. well because me and brandy are gonna have our OWN oc.. its gonna be AWESOME

6. Minnesota? nope

7. Hawaii? nope

8. Mexico? nope

9. China? no

10. Canada? nope

11. Danced naked? haha.. NO

12. Dreamed something and then it happens the next day? yep

13. Stalked someone? nope, only been the one BEING stalked * cough - stalker boy and lobby boys - cough *

14. Had a mud bath? nope

15. Had an imaginary friend?nope

This or that...
16. Apples or bananas? banannas

17. Red or blue? im blue im a blue da de da im blue da de do da de da - lol christina

18. Vanilla or chocolate? Chocolate

19. Comedy or horror? both

20. Wal-mart or Target? target

21. Spring or fall? fall

22. Santa or Rudolph? BoTh.. they are so a team.. lol

23. Math or English? english - the best stuff happens in that class.. "HORZ" lol christina

24. Righty or Lefty? Righty.

25. What was the last food you ate? french fry

26. High school or college? heritage/ga southern - haha mi uncle would kill me if i didnt go tehre, lol

27. Are you bored with life? nope.. im loving life

28. How many of your buddies are on? 33

29. Last movie you saw? uhhh? lol

30. Last noise you heard? uhh.. mi fingers on the keyboard, lol

Who that you know:

35. Laughs the weirdest? brandy - our fake laugh for ian's bible study. LOL LOL LOL

31. Will grow up and be a model? ahh.. all my friends are PRETTYYY - theyre so lucky lol

32. Going to have the most kids? uhhh.. lol

33. Have you known the longest? uhhh? lol samantha.

34. Name your best friends online? christina, libby, brandy.. ummm?? lol

35. Of all time? brandy , christina , libby , kate , hannnah

A couple more questions:
36. Last time you went out of state? uhh like last year, FLORIDA babay

37. Where did you go? florida.. lol

38. lucky numbers: 7

39. Things you like in a girl/guy? personality, humor, someone who is not afraid to sing to me..and it always helps if they look good.. just sayin..

40. Best thing about yourself? umm..im really outgoing?i dk yall tell me

41. Do you have crush on someone? yeahhhh lol

42. Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? nope.. wishin though

43. What's his/her name? *him..* lol my friends know WHO, silly gooses = )

44. What do you think about Ouija boards? Ouiji what?

45. What book are you reading now? haha i DONT read

46. What's on your mouse pad? umm its red, lol

47. Favorite sound? uhhhhhh haha my friends LAUGH

48. Worst feeling in the world? seeing him with someone else.. or breaking someones heart

49. How many rings before you answer? two .. until caller id comes up lol

50. Future daughter's name? uhh.. lol i dont really know thiso ne

51. Future son's name? winston. the THIRD - lol yall. thats a freakin PIMPAN name. wooh good times good times = )

52. Do you sleep with a stuffed animal? noperz

53. What is your favorite soft drink? dr.pepper

54. What time is it now? 11:14

omg.. christina was right.. it is genius shoot.. lol

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