Pimp Ranger Crystal (hollister_babay) wrote,
Pimp Ranger Crystal

 well.. im just sittin here talkin to chrisitina  oh man we were watching makin the video for LALA hah.. that girl is POSER gah leeeeee! its not even FUNNY shes UGLY! well i know im not so GORGEOUS.. but damn. she looked like a DUDE! ahhh.. lol. anyway, i went to sleep last night around like 3.. i watched SNOOP DOGGG wooh..he a TRUE playa!  he makes me and christina look bad.. haha. and we GOOD pimpETTS - lol well. me and christina had a "fight" lol.. tooo funny i may say. we were calling each other WHORES and HOOKERS haha. it was awesome. well now im just sittin here talkint to christina and ashley, wooh!! haha

luv ya

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