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RULES: Write a statement intended for 10 different people. NEVER TELL which one is for who.

1. your a great friend, im glad i met you. your like a sister to me.. weve had so many good movie trips. haha.. "bo bateman? thats a PIMP name!!"*MWAH*

2. you are also a great friend. i met you last year and well.. weve been GREAT friends sinse. im glad i met you .. weve had some good stuff happen. then some bad, but we got over it.. and well your muh best friend.. haha so many good times like: "you look like mnm the RAPER!. i mean RAPPER!" "come here, midnight, fluffer nutter.." and calin zac and them.. "now that you talk to him dont you think the boys a LITTLE slow?!" .." josh + morganne = <33 for ever.." "and ever" "HE LUVS HER.. 4EVA and EVA!" haha many more*MWAH*

3.ahh you can be STUPID but your too funny. your stupidness makes me BUST out laughing, your like a bro to me = ) "hey smell this rock..!!" *MWAH*

4. haha.. your too blonde. and its great, lol. and your not even blonde!! wooh.. so many good times.. i love you a lot and your a GREATTT friend and your like a sis to me.. so many good times "jesus.. hes so pimp!" "HORZ" "dylannn is that youuuu?" I KOWWWW "look that boys strippin behind the trash cann.." "WOOH BABAY TAKE IT OFF!" LOL so many more! *MWAH*

5. youre a FUNNY friend. your like my BROTHER! i love you so much. i love you AND your brother. yall are great. i hope we stay friends for EVER! "i smell pancakes.." we found you passed out in my NEIGHBORS yard!! but you CLAIM you were MEDITATION hah!! *MWAH*

6. weve been friends sinse KINDERGARTEN! and i havnt talked to you in a while, but ill call you tomorrow to wish you a happy thanksgiving. i love you SO much, dearest! haha.. luv ya *MWAH*

7. ahhhhh.. love you muchhh.. gotz a crush on youuuu - LOL bet yall dunno who that ones too.. hmmm LOL "we went to iraq?" "when did we start NAMING stars?!" *MWAH*

8. omg.. your freakin hallarious, you call me mean stuff.. but oh well its all a joke. so i getcha. your freakin sarcastic and i loves it. lol.. your a great friend. your like a brother to me ALSO! i love ya.. haha bye, pimp "im goin FIVE miles per hour nowww!" you FLICKED off aaron.. LOL "shut the heck up man.. whats your problem?!?!"*MWAH*

9. ahhhhh your freakin PHYSCO! but i love ya anyway.. too bad ur CRAZY but you no.. w/e your stil my home guhl FO LIFE! - haha "you need some frizease.." - LMAO *MWAH*

10. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh.. im SO sorry about your mom = ( stay strong!! shell be ok!! *MWAH*

11. wow. your GREAT . so many insiders "HE LUVVVVS UUU!" "bad cow.." "IM NOT IT!" "but ur always it.." haha!! JODAAA!! lol freaky junk right thurr! *MWAH*

luv you all.. hehe TRY to guess which ones yours.. haha sorry if i didnt get to include ya.. lol

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