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we went to the movies today :) wee.. that was SO fun. hehe.. we went to see THE INCREDIBLES.. oh LORD lol.. it was SO funny because daa-im kept CUSSING and we were like "STOP THERES KIDS IN HERE!!!" and then we saw these CUTE guys and me and brandy were liek "SIT HERE! SIT HERE!" and they sat like 5 rows in front of us!! WE WERE MAD! they were looking at us, and they ALMOST got their dad to sit in front of us.. but NOOOOOO! ahh.. but THEN some older guy sat there.. but he was cute he was probally like 17 and we were like "ok.. you can sit there.. helllo!" haha it was SO funny. and then we were like "LETS THROUGH POPCORN AT THE DUDE IN THE HAT!!" and we ALMOST did and then brandys liek "no..itll be obvious.. im the only one with popcorn and PERFECT aim at him.." i was like "WHO CARES!!" haha.. and daaim through one at him! it was hilarious! and then we just laughed the WHOLE time at how CHEESY it was, omg.. it was SO funny. and it was kinda creepy.. but cute movie. HOT guys in there!! lol!! and daaim bought us candy :) and food! haha.. too fun. man.. i had a great time :)

*MWAH* crystal
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