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happy thanksgiving. i had a GREAT time.. hehe.. omg.. my aunt's mom is freakin WEIRD. but hillarious! she was talking about "penises" LMAO!! omg.. we were playing sherades and she was like "penis.." .. "FLYING penis" OMG. LOL and i took a pic. of kenneth for libby n xtina. hehe..

well this is what I am thankful for:

  • my WONDERFUL friends
  • Christina- hey hey hey!! lol.. wooh. good times. were good friends, and im glad your here for me non-stop. weve had like 10 minute fights. thats it. haha "dylllan is that you!!?" "BAD COW!" haha
  • Brandy-  omg.. wow.. lol. we have had some awesome times. and i love you so much for bein my friend. wow.. hehe "we know something she dunno.." "im gonna kill you with a plastic fork!" haha and many more good times. your my BEST friend.
  • Libby - wooh.. we are backstreet boys' number one fans' fo life! haha.. so manny good tiems. i consider you one of my best friends.. hehe
  • Kate- wooh.. your a good friends. u'z muh foo fo' life! haha lol.. we've been through a lot. and were great friends STILL! sinse SIXTH grade!! wow. thats a LONG time.. wee..
  • Amber- wooh.. your great. even though your CRAZZZY !! haha joking joking. hehe.. neway. your great.. and HALLARIOUS!! wooooooh.. haha

^ sorry.. im kinda blankin out right now, lol im so TIRED and FULL! haha

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